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Follow Up Dispute Letter

In the event that your first letter disputing items on your credit report has not garnered a response, it is necessary to send a follow up dispute letter. In this second letter, the wording will be a little stronger. The second letter will demonstrate that not only do you know your rights but that you are resolute in receiving satisfaction in the matter. Like its predecessor, the follow up dispute letter will be devoid of rancor yet show how seriously you take the matter of an unfair item on your credit report.

In this second letter, the details of when the first letter was sent, description of disputed item, and all other information detailing what steps you have taken hereto are contained. Additionally, it lays out what steps you expect the credit-reporting agency to take going forth as well as your knowledge of the consequences they face if they do not comply.

Using a template for this follow up dispute letter provides you with a clean professional looking letter covering all essential information. It eliminates the use of unprofessional, heated language seeping into the correspondence and provides a record of your communications that will look good if legal intervention should become necessary. You are more likely to receive a prompt, positive response when using the following template so do not be tempted to change course if a second letter is required.Leave a Comment Below if this Follow Up Letter has been helpful!

Full Name

Current Address
Current Phone Number

Attention: {insert credit reporting agency name}

{add CRA address here}

RE: Dispute Letter Dated {place the date of your initial letter here}

Dear {credit reporting agency}

This letter is a formal notice that you have failed to respond in a timely manner to my letter dated, {place the date of your initial letter here}, and deposited by registered mail with the Post Office on that date. For your benefit, and as a gesture of my goodwill, I will restate my dispute:

Line Item: {insert name of creditor, account number or line item number}

Item description: (found on your credit report)

The item: is completely (insert appropriate word: inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete, erroneous, misleading, outdated) and needs to be corrected immediately. I have enclosed a copy of your organization’s credit report dated {insert date of report here} and for your convenience, circled the item described above.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires you to investigate and respond to my dispute within 30 days, yet you have failed to do so. I feel it necessary to remind you that you may be liable for your willful non-compliance and that I am maintaining a careful record of my communications with you on this matter, in case your continued non-compliance forces me to file a complaint with the FTC. (See Title 15 USC 41)

Please do not delay further! {insert the appropriate word here} (Delete, Update, Correct) the information identified above and send corrected credit profile to me and to all creditors who have received a copy within the last 6 months, and the last 2 years for employment purposes.

If your re-investigation was negative, please supply the description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information to my address listed above.


Your Printed Name