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Debt Validation Letter

A crucial step in the credit repair process is the debt validation letter. The following template is used to compel the credit issuing company, or debt collection company, to prove that they are actually owed the debt.

Under consumer protection laws, companies that have collected payments on a debt, either through an insurance claim, or by other means, no longer has the authority to collect on a debt. The debt has already been paid, therefore relieving you of obligation.

The following template is used to request that the credit issuing company provide valid proof of the debt, and any transactions that have occurred on the debt, outside of your payments. It further states that failure to provide these items within a reasonable amount of time, the entry must be permanently removed from your credit report and collection activity must stop.

The letter states that the consumer is protected by specific laws that requires them to answer the request or eliminate the debt.

Using this debt validation letter will help you clean up your credit report by eliminating debts that are no longer valid.

Letters should be sent with tracking numbers to ensure that the company has received the request. Under consumer protection laws, the company has between 30-45 days to respond to the request, or the debt must be erased.Leave a Comment Below if this Debt Validation Letter has been helpful!


Your address


Creditor address


Dear (Creditor name),

Please document materials that (creditor name) conferred to credit reporting agencies for me, (your name), for account number XXXXXXX. Since it is possible that serious problems may be present within that dissemination, I demand that your company provide these materials promptly. Also, please demonstrate that this debt was not claimed as a loss with any insuring entity. This request is for more than just a simple statement without detail. Rather, I must requisition a careful documentation, including statements, contracts, copies of checks, and any other pertinent information. Should you be unable to comply with my request during this reasonable period, data dissimenated by your company to the three credit reporting agencies should be regarded as unreliable, and may evidence (creditor name)’s desire to ignore consumer protection law. In that case, you should recall such items as soon as possible.

Thanks sincerely for your assistance.


(Your name)