How Can LifeLock Save Your Credit: A Full Review

With all the convenience that modern technology brings us there is also a level of responsibility we all need to be aware of.  The easier technology makes our lives, the easier it is for less than honest people to take advantage of the same technology.  These days thieves manipulate technology in order to steal your identity.  Once they have some of your information they can cause mayhem in your life in many different ways.  The damage that they can do may not be detected for some time leaving you deeper and deeper in problems and money debt while you attempt to track them down.  In many cases, the victim ends up being stuck rebuilding their credit and accepting loss of funds.

How Does Identity Theft Work?

So much of today’s business is conducted over the internet.  The internet is an amazing form of technology that allows people to connect to each other from anywhere in the world.  The internet can also be a way for thieves to find your information online and use it to their advantage.  If a thief decides to target you, they may use your personal information to apply for a credit card online.  Then they could max-out that card leaving you with the bill and poor credit history.  Usually by the time you figure out what has occurred it is too late and the trail is very hard to trace.

Identity thieves do not have to hack into your internet profiles to get access to your information either.  They may get it from a more simple way like your garbage.  Throwing away un-shredded documents is one of the more popular ways to get access to your personal information.  Once they have an account number, social security number or even less personal information like an address and phone number, they can do damage to your credit or access more personal information with this data.  They piece together your information until they have enough to apply for lines of credit without any red flags going off.

What is LifeLock?

LifeLock is a service that will monitor your credit and protect you from identity theft.  LifeLock has five points of protection including:

  • Monitoring Your Identity
  • Scanning for Identity Threats
  • Responding to Identity Theft
  • A Service Guarantee
  • Tracking Your Credit Score

LifeLock does more than just monitor your identity.  They will contact major credit bureaus and make sure your name is removed from mailing lists for credit offers and related nuisances. With the LifeLock Ultimate plan, LifeLock will monitor public and court records for your name and any aliases you may have used too.  This information will be sent to you monthly in a detailed report.

LifeLock scans a vast network on the internet for any credit applications or other activity involving your personal information.  They also keep tabs on websites known to be malicious in case anyone tries to sell your personal information.  LifeLock Ultimate will take this a step further by monitoring payday loan services and will do surveillance to make sure no one is trying to open accounts with your personal information.

Anytime LifeLock sees an attempt to misuse your information you will be contacted immediately.  You can verify that you were the one committing the action or you can verify that you were not the one (but we hope that never happens).  If it does, the faster you can identify that a malicious act is occurring the more likely you are to resolve the issue or prevent it completely.  LifeLock also has a stolen or lost wallet redemption service that will help you cancel cards in your wallet and help you get the items replaced.

If you become a victim of identity theft while a member of LifeLock they will spend up to one million dollars to get the issue resolved.  They will also assign a personal recovery expert to work with you one on one to resolve your issue.  LifeLock will track your TransUnion credit score every month and will track your credit score for all three credit bureaus once a year.  You have access to a secure control panel so you can monitor all your information in one place.

LifeLock Services

LifeLock offers three service packages that you can choose from: LifeLock, LifeLock Ultimate and Credit Score Manager.

LifeLock basic service includes all the benefits we have listed above like monitoring the web for people trying to use your personal information, online dashboard to monitor your service as well as alerts to potential threats both credit and non-credit related.

Also as stated above the LifeLock Ultimate plan beefs up your identity theft coverage by monitoring more sources such as pay day loans (very high interest rates) and attempts at opening bank accounts.  If you are looking for total peace of mind from online and offline identity threats, LifeLock Ultimate is the plan you should choose.

LifeLock Credit Score Manager focuses on monitoring your credit score.  With this plan LifeLock watches all three credit bureaus to make sure there are no discrepancies.  If there is a problem you will be notified quickly making resolution much more likely.

Why Choose LifeLock?

If you are in the market for an identity theft monitoring service, then LifeLock is really the only logical option because of their support, price and services.  They are the industry leaders who have experience in protecting people from all forms of identity attack.  They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and also a member of TRUSTe.

They have plenty of testimonials and have saved people just like you, an immense amount of money over the years that they have been in business.  LifeLock is a pioneer company in terms of identity theft and have more reasons to be trusted than any other identity theft service out there.


If you are looking for peace of mind from identity thieves, then LifeLock is the company you want to be partnered with.  With years of experience and industry leading service LifeLock offers plans that are affordable but also practical and are also backed by the 1 Million Dollar guarantee.

Identity theft services are not just for people who do a lot of business online.  Identity thieves can steal your information many ways including your garbage and simply looking over your shoulder at the local coffee shop.  A growing concern is the amount of personal information you may be putting on social networks like Facebook which can easily be harvested if you do not have proper privacy settings.  For the price of LifeLock’s service you can have total piece of mind against a problem that is growing every day. There are certain things however that you can’t put a price on and protecting your identity is one of them.

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